Pure Cotton

One of the most noble materials, pure cotton not only satisfies aesthetic needs. Cotton is comfort, resistance, malleability and durability.

While linen and wool was used in Europe, the origin of the use of cotton as a textile goes back to India, afterwards traded in Alexandria. When this material was rediscovered, very peculiar records describe the cotton plant as “vegetable lambs” or “tree wool”, for its similarity to wool. The use of this raw material has become popular throughout the world for being warm in winter and cool in summer. The strong cellulose cotton fibers retain colors even after repeated washing, and its care requires low maintenance.

The english word cotton might be an evolution of what the arabian traders called it: “qutun”, and the indian textile tradition has given to the english language vocabulary like pajama, madras and khaki.

Cotton is a natural fiber that, being hollow, absorbs moisture without asphyxiating the skin, the air passes through its fibers offering thermic comfort, contrary to other materials such as duck feathers or synthetic fibers. Nowadays, cotton is a popular fabric also because it is of natural vegetable origin, therefore being a vegan product, as long as animals are not used nor explored during its fabrication process.

Regarding organic or bio cotton, it is considered to be all that is cultivated without resorting to pesticides or chemical additives such as fertilizers, using production methods with low environmental impact. This type of cotton is specially used in the manufacturing of personal use products, such as clothing and accessories, and domestic textile items. The certification level of this type of product may differ but, in general, it is demanded that the soil in which the plant is grown to be chemical-free three years prior to plantation.

For this reason, clothing and accessories in pure cotton made with a premium fabrication process are especially coveted because of their versatility, resistance and long-lasting features. Soft to touch and elastic enough, cotton is king.

Christophe Sauvat uses 100% cotton very often for his creations as it is a material of superior quality, nowadays transversal to any culture and occasion, comfortable and, most of all, beautiful. Here are our top cotton pieces of this collection:

  1. The Gujrat Kurta Tunic
  2. The Zip Top Clutch
  3. The Jacquard Sandals
  4. The Cotton Clutch
  5. The Pocket Sequin Sab Dress

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