Project Name: AML-SAUVAT_Projecto Internacionalização

Project Code: ALT20-01-0752-FEDER-025627

Main Objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Region of Intervention: Alcácer do Sal

Beneficiary Entity: AML-SAUVAT, Lda.

Date of Approval: 03-30-2017

Start date: 01-11-2016

Date Completed: 10/31/2018

Total eligible cost: € 649,425.25

Financial support from the European Union: ERDF – € 292 241,36

Project description:

Despite a recent history, AML SAUVAT is in the market for the quality and differentiated design of its creations/fashion collections, having registered a rapid growth of sales in the first years of activity.

However, the still low reputation and visibility of the Christophe Sauvat brand on overseas markets, as well as the lack of control over the points of sale where the brand distributors present and place their collections, has conditioned the search for the brand consistently and systematically in foreign markets, leading to some of the reseller points giving up representing the brand.

To counteract this situation, the company proposes to implement an investment plan that allows, on the one hand, to create and consolidate a strong brand, with a more effective presence in the market (investing in the brand communication component), and, on the other, to expand the network of points of sale (in new urban centers and tourist resorts) and make it more stable (working on the prospect component and presence of the brand in foreign markets), while at the same time seeking to expand to new geographies.

This investment project consists in the implementation of international promotion, communication and prospection plan that AML SAUVAT outlined for the coming years, which contemplates a diverse set of actions and initiatives, which are highlighted:

  • Participation in international reference events in the sector
  • Contracting of specialized consultancy
  • Carrying out exploration trips
  • Acquisition of studies of new market trends
  • Hiring specialized services of Communication and Public Relations
  • Design and production of promotional materials
  • Bet on digital marketing
  • Hiring a specialized technical staff in the fields of internationalization.     AML-SAUVAT intends with the execution of this investment project to achieve the following objectives:
  • Promote the growth of VN Internacional in a consistent and sustained manner;
  • Increase the visibility of the brand in foreign markets;
  • Create a broad and stabilized network of points of sale in priority target markets – Italy, France, Spain, UK, Japan, USA and Brazil.

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