Master The Mid-Season

The secret to a successfully effortless and stylish mid-season wardrobe is to play with proportions and make use of the fabrics’ versatility while maintaining different lengths in garments, and mix textures with prints and details. Here are our suggestions of our most versatile items, ideal for the weather transition.
The period of climate transformation is a great moment for closet cleaning, as well as a rite of passage to new finds and an excuse for shopping. But shop wisely, and select the clothes that should be suitable for sunny days as well as chilly nights. First rule to a strong transitory wardrobe is easy and cool length. For that, we suggest a Native Print Camy Dress: perfect for the beach for its lightweight fabric, it will also cover your arms and legs on your way elsewhere. Another tip for versatile length is our Western Shirt; in denim, its long sleeves in cotton provide for warmth when needed, and is not as warm as a denim jacket, but can serve as such with a tank top, a v-neck t-shirt or a strapless dress a underneath. 
It is quite obvious that the transition of weather is specially hard with a moody spring, but fear not the unpredictable winds and the sassy droplets of rain among the auspicious sunlight. With little creativity and enough playfulness, you might even have fun with mid-season mix-and-match if you’re specially not afraid to of dressing down for a business meeting, for example, with a fun strap top under the blazer coat, instead of a button blouse. Adding a casual item and a bit of comfort to a formal attire is key to success, when it comes to mid-season. For this situation, we advise you the Pocket Sequin Sab Top with tiny sequins: take the blazer off, and you’re ready for happy hour!

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