Christophe Sauvat LA Tour

This Christophe Sauvat Los Angeles Tour includes all top leisure spots Christophe himself loves to spend time in when he is in town. We list you the locations within the city, in no particular oder, that certainly fulfill the travel lust of California‘s pop and entertainment culture, as well as the gastronomical preferences of the designer, in occasion of his recent visit to The Golden State.

Venice Beach

A place in the sun is all a Californian vacation is about. But because there is more to this location that its sun and sand, the Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk is a delight of cultures among tall palm trees. With vendors, performers, mystics and artists, this walk is a full-day entertainment trip.

Surf Shops

With a world-renowned surf culture, California is host to the best surfing shops. Any reputable surf shop in Los Angeles is worth of visit, either for the surf history context or its beautiful interiors.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

At Santa Monica Mountains and with an incredible beachfront, the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is another landmark, ideal make seasonable friends and enjoy a dreamy Californian sunset.

Nobu Malibu

A restaurant that is well acquainted with Hollywood‘s top entertainers, the Nobu is more than a mandatory meal for paparazzi-seeking celebrities. Its celebrity Chef Mr. Matsuhisa, designs fusion dishes that serve glamour with exquisite taste.

Olio Pizzeria

Located at the iconic Grand Central Market, a historical food hub on downtown Los Angeles, this pizzeria is a favorite for its genuine flavor, a happy mixture between the wooden fire and the hand crafted pizza. Inside a food court great for contemplating styles and people, its glorious taste is to be celebrated in an unpretentious bar stool, perfect to appreciate the city’s energy.

Flea Markets

There is more to #LALALAND than mainstream shopping in Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue. A cozy and eclectic flea market is more than a chill pastime for a sunny afternoon stroll: a delight of vintage and all sorts of american knick-knackery, a flea market, such as the one in Long Beach, could include particular finds from local vendors or a unique souvenir to wear or to gift, with a story to tell.
We share with you a selection of photos from the personal archive of Christophe Sauvat, while on holiday in his latest inspirational trip.

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