Christophe Sauvat by Johanna Fath

A collaborative work between the clothing and accessories designer and the fashion stylist, #ChristopheSauvatbyJohannaFath is a pair of jeans with the bohemian spirit of both artists, soon available online and in selected boutiques worldwide. A french stylist with as much on her portfolio as the life stories she has to tell, Johanna Fath’s curriculum includes campaigns for Chanel and Dior, dressing Carla Bruni for events and working along with Luc Besson, Kate Moss and Milla Jovovich.

Read here the exclusive interview with Johanna Fath about her life and style.

The best way you describe your lifestyle is…

Natural, simple, cool, with a touch of «baba cool». I like to wake up early in the morning.

Most style icons have a style that complements their lifestyle. What is your style? And your lifestyle?

Again natural, hair undone, I’m a blond surfer baba rocker who likes simple materials.

Your style essentials are…

Jeans and basket sneakers, boots, sandals or my old rangers, a long t-shirt and a military jacket. I like simple materials like velvet, denim, cashmere and linen.

What is your best style advice you’d like to share?

Feeling good is essential, I hate vulgarity.

Describe your favorite travel getaway.

In the sun on a beach or a sailboat, I enjoy being alone or with my man and my son, watch the nature and listen to its noises.

Which place in the world best fits your style and why.

Bali and Portugal, for the «cool» and sweet way of life. I like places where the sun goes down late. There is also Formentera, that I adore and resembles me a lot as well.

What was your inspiration for these jeans?

I’m a huge fan of jeans, I do have a lot in my closet, but still there was one shape missing. So I told Christophe – who is one of my oldest friends – that we should design a jeans collection together, he didn’t think about it and told me “go on and have fun”.

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