Bohemian Flare: Coachella

Music and arts festivals, as most outdoors events, are the quintessence of bohemian life and bohemian fashion. A lifestyle to be made outdoors, hedonistic and casual, and meant to appreciate nature and the simple and joyful things in life.

Let yourself be inspired by Coachella, the popular festival in California, the colors of the great american desert, and Los Angeles’ famous sky light – all while taking note of our suggestions for a chic bohemian style.

A proud piece of bohemian clothing is a righteous interpretation of ethnicity. For this reason, we suggest a top such as the San Rafael Top, with delicate and discreet ethnic embroidered details, romantic spirit and playful tassels. The secret to a successful boho wardrobe is an aesthetically pleasing comfort: a studded bumbag in leather for your essential valuables, so your hands and shoulders are free to dance; as much as a comfortable but memorable pair of shoes: fun and full of texture, an overload of colour in leather with cotton pompons, these sandals are ideal to take to the Valley or to Palm Springs, made to appreciate Richard Neutra‘s architecture design or be taken out to a club to listen some mid-century house music – even so take afterwards on a summer tranquil trip to Ibiza, Thailand or Capri, stroll around a city like Singapore or Dubai at ease, or just casually Instagram your feet on the grass with it! And while you’re at it, add a loose top, like the Coba Top with statement embroidery designs featuring pompons all over and adjustable lace up straps, at it is another fun item to use in a celebratory yet relaxed event.

For the chicest festival look, the Pocket Sequins Gateway Tunic is a sublime example of boho: with romantic sleeves and glamorous sequins, glows during the day and dazzles during the night. But a great example of bohemian clothes always includes flowerpower: the Babylon Macy Dress, with a printed feminine flower pattern and down buttons, may be a shirt or a dress, fitted to the situation.

So let your hair down to play with lights and sounds, at Coachella or at your own version of it, may it be in a public garden or at a private lounge-party. Have yourself a cosmopolitan, sophisticated and adventurous weekend!

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